What is the processing method of planer?

1. Principle and equipment
Planer processing uses the lower tool holder and cutter installed on the spindle of the planer to cut on the surface of the workpiece and remove a layer of metal material on the workpiece. The motion trajectory of the tool is like a turning rod, so it is also called turning planing. This processing method is suitable for processing small and medium-sized workpieces, as well as irregular-shaped workpieces.
Planer processing equipment usually includes machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures and feed mechanisms. The machine tool is the main body of the planer, which is used to carry cutting tools and workpieces and perform cutting through the feed mechanism. Planer tools include flat knives, angle knives, scrapers, etc. Choosing different tools can better meet different processing needs. Clamps are usually used to fix the workpiece to ensure that the workpiece does not move or vibrate and ensure the processing quality.

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2. Operation skills
1. Choose the right tool
Tool selection should be determined based on the nature and shape of the workpiece to ensure cutting quality and cutting efficiency. Generally, tools with a large diameter and a large number of teeth are selected for rough machining; tools with a small diameter and a small number of teeth are suitable for finishing.

2. Adjust feed and cutting depth
The feed mechanism of the planer can adjust the feed amount and cutting depth. These parameters must be set correctly to obtain accurate and efficient machining results. Excessive feed will lead to a decrease in the quality of the machined surface; otherwise, processing time will be wasted. The depth of cut also needs to be adjusted according to the processing requirements to avoid breakage of the workpiece and reduce the machining allowance.
3. Remove cutting fluid and metal chips
During use, planer processing will produce a large amount of cutting fluid and metal chips. These substances will have an impact on the service life and accuracy of the planer. Therefore, after processing, the cutting fluid and metal chips on the surface of the workpiece and inside the machine tool must be removed in time.

Post time: May-10-2024