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Helical cutter head is for different types of jointers and planers.
Our patented Indexable Double-Layer carbide inserts with exclusive screws simplify knife mounting, providing a user-friendly solution that prevents insert breakage.
Helical Cutterhead provides quiet operation, better dust collection and dramatic improvement in finish over straight-knife cutterheads.
Each indexable carbide insert can be rotated up to three times to expose a new sharp edge. No more changing and resetting knives every time a blade gets dull.                                                                                                            The indexable carbide inserts are positioned along a helical pattern with the cutting edges at a slight angle to the workpiece for a shearing action that leaves a glassy smooth cut even on the toughest of woods.

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Helical cutter head is for different types of jointers and planers.

Making different size as your jointers and planers.

Making different size as your drawing.


* Durable Materials

With the tungsten carbide insert, it is able to reduce noise and tear-out, and produce a much smoother finish on difficult hardwoods.


The indexable inserts allow you to rotate them if one knife edge is dull or nicked. You’ll only need to replace the insert when all 4 sides are worn out.

Excellent quality

Our high-precision manufacturing boosts cooling speed and cutterhead stability, extending its service life with specially designed tungsten carbide inserts.

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Ever since its inception, STRENGTH WOODWORKIGN MACHINERY has consistently upheld outstanding quality, prompt service, and inventive approaches in serving clients, consequently amassing abundant expertise and expert techniques in the woodworking machinery realm.Drawing on over four decades of involvement in manufacturing solid timber equipment and rigorous quality control administration, we manufacture primarily top-notch machines like jointer, thickness planer, dual side planer, quadruple side planer moulder, rip saw, spiral cutter head, and more.

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