Heavy duty Automatic Wood Planer/Thickness Planer

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Wood Planer/Thickness Planer

The novel compact and versatile timber planer/ thicknessing machine with a decreased footprint, for processing boards of varied thicknesses and dimensions. The thicknesser is employed to cut boards to an even consistency throughout their length and level on both sides. It differs from a surface planer, or jointer, where the cutting head is embedded into the bed surface. A surface planer has minor benefits for generating the initial level surface and may achieve it in a solitary run. Nonetheless, the thicknesser possesses more significant benefits as it can fabricate a board with a uniform thickness, abstains from forming a tapered board, and through performing passes on each side and flipping the board, it may also be employed for the preliminary preparation of an unplaned board.

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Main technical parameter MBZ105A MBZ106A
Max. wood width 500mm 630mm
Max. wood thickness 255mm 255mm
Min. wood thickness 5mm 5mm
Min. working length 220mm 220mm
Max. cutting & planning depth 5mm 5mm
Cutter head speed 5000r/min 5000r/min
Feeding speed 0-18m/min 0-18m/min
Main motor 7.5kw 11kw
Machine weight 900kg 1000kg



Automated heavy duty industrial type.

Sturdy cast iron working table.

Digital controller for automatic thickness adjustment, ensuring quick and precise settings.

Robust cast iron tables at the start and end of the machine, crafted with precision machining.

Motorized work table operates efficiently with a separate motor for vertical movement.

Specially engineered feed system allows for infinite adjustment and is powered by a separate motor, enabling precise planing on both hardwood and softwood.

Automatic thickness adjustment, with the help of four poles, enhances stability and durability.

The machine incorporates a sectional infeed roller, anti-kickback device, and chip breaker for enhanced operator safety.

The motorized worktable features twin quick-adjustable bed rollers, allowing for rough and finish planing on damp or dry lumber, ensuring a consistently smooth finish.

Long-lasting ball bearings with precision sealing.

Sturdy cast iron stable with exceptional precision grinding.

Offers high-speed performance for mass production.

Includes safety protection in the form of anti-kickback fingers.

This planer can handle a wide assortment of woodworking projects.

Helical cutterhead equipped with carbide inserts that can be rotated for improved finish and reduced noise.


The manufacturing process, utilizing a dedicated internal structure, enables complete control over the machine and also ensures highly competitive pricing when it is introduced to the market.


Rigorous and repeated testing of the machine, including its cutters (if available), is performed prior to customer delivery.

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