High Speed 4 side planer moulder

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4 side planer moulder

High speed and high-capacity 4 sided planer moulder, designed to meet specific requirements in industrial woodworking: heavy workloads without interruptions, large pieces . Our 4 side planer moulder is professional solution for processing Hard wood strip, Floor, doors and large cutting capacity strips.
This model meets all needs, adopting mechanical and technological innovations that make it extremely performing in the production results.
Whether you produce complicated or simple profile mouldings at high production rate throughfeed planer/moulder offers unbeatable accuracy and productivity The cast iron construction has been designed and engineered to meet industry requirements for high production and fine surface finish.
4 side planer moulder offers unparalleled performance, heavy duty construction for maximum stabilty with centralised air pressure regulation for the entire pneumatic system allowing sectional pressure adjustments including powered infeed and outfeed table rollers for greater feeding efficiency.
Chrome plated tables as standard and an infeed table for increased straightening ability, all spindles are fitted with the latest heavy duty spiral knife blocks for increased material removal and superior planing finish at reduced noise levels and lower power consumption.

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Main technical parameter      MB4018High Speed 4 (1) MB5018XHigh Speed 4 (2) MB5018SHigh Speed 4 (3)
Machine parameter Min. working length ( Continuous feeding) 200mm 200mm 200mm
Min. working length( discontinuous feeding) 490mm 490mm 490mm
Working width 20-180mm 20-180mm 20-180mm
Working thickness 10-100mm 8-110mm 8-110mm
Feeding speed 8-33m/min 8-33m/min 8-33m/min
Lower cutter spindle speed 6800r/min 6800r/min 6800r/min
Other cutter spindles speed 8000r/min 8000r/min 8000r/min
 Air pressure 0.3-0.6MPA 0.3-0.6MPA 0.3-0.6MPA
Compressed air demand 0.15m³/min 0.15m³/min 0.15m³/min
Suction hood diameter Φ120mm Φ120mm Φ120mm
Dust exhaust feed 10-50m/s 10-50m/s 10-50m/s
Machine weight 2400kg 2600kg 2700kg
Motor power Lower spindle 4kw 4kw 4kw
Left & Right spindle 4kw/4kw 4kw/4kw 4kw/4kw
Upper spindle 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Auto feeding 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Beem elevation 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Total Power 19.25kw 29.25kw 29.25kw
Cutter spindle diameter Lower spindle Φ120mm Φ125mm Φ125mm
trimming cutter Φ147*12mm Φ147*12mm Φ147*12mm
Right vertical spindle Φ115-170mm Φ115-170mm Φ115-170mm
Lest vertical spindle Φ115-170mm Φ115-170mm Φ115-170mm
 Upper spindle Φ105-150mm Φ105-150mm Φ105-150mm



Heavy-duty casting iron working table.

Heavy-duty cast iron infeed and outfeed tables with precision machined finish.

Individual motor to each spindle to ensure maximum power transmission.

High precision spindle units with  high precision bearings each end of the assembly.

Hard chromed bed plates to minimise bed wear.

Short piece driven top feed roller unit for greater feeding control around the right side spindle.

A group of side pressure wheels on the right side of the left spindle, adjusted the pressure flexible by pneumatic.

As our standard, short pieces device with pneumatic double-direction(press and raise), you can make the workpieces feeding in anytime.

Pneumatic in-feed bottom helical roller is more suitable for large deformation and high moisture of the wood to feed.

Adjustable out-feed side pressure plate can meet the different thickness of material output steadily.

Adopting electric component from international class with steady quality.


The production, using a dedicated internal structure allows a total control on the machine, in addition to its placing on the market at highly competitive prices.


Machine carefully and repeatedly tested, before delivery to the customer (even with its cutters, if made available).

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