Straight Line Single Rip Saw

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Proficient solution: achieving single-piece rip cutting and trimming for wood with a thickness of less than 125mm.The saw spindle is positioned at the upper part, and the machine is furnished with chain plates and guide tracks made of special materials and processed with high precision. Additionally, it is equipped with safety devices to prevent rebound, ensuring the safety of workers. The single-blade rip saw is designed for workshops aiming to enhance efficiency in their ripping operations, but cannot justify the use of a multi-blade ripsaw. With its accurately cast iron chain and track assembly, as well as an extended pressure section, it is capable of producing a finish suitable for panel glue-up immediately after cutting.

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Main technical data MJ153C MJ153D
Max. working thickness 85mm 85mm
Min. working length 200mm 200mm
Max width after cutting 365mm 460mm
Saw spindle aperture Φ30mm Φ30mm
Saw blade diameter and working thickness Φ250(10-60)mm                               Φ305(10-85)mm Φ250(10-60)mm                              Φ305(10-85)mm
Spindle speed 3500r/min 3800r/min
Feeding speed 13,17,21,23m/min 15,20,25,31m/min
Saw blade motor 7.5kw 7.5kw
Feeding motor 0.75kw 1.5kw
Chip removal diameter Φ100mm Φ100mm
Machine dimension 1730*1050*1380mm 1785*1100*1415mm
Machine weight 950kg 1000kg



Robust and durable worktable made of heavy-duty cast iron.

The exceptionally sturdy fixed fingers for preventing kickback eliminate the common issue of collision between the fingers and chain, thus enhancing safety.

Pressure rollers, supported on both ends, securely hold the stock in place with stability and uniformity.

The broad chain block ensures a seamless feeding operation.

The adjustable feed speed allows for the cutting of various types of stock, whether hard or soft, thick or thin.

This upgraded design provides reliable support for the ripping of large panels.

Feeding chain / Rail system: The chain and rail system are meticulously designed and made from top-grade materials to guarantee stable feeding, high cutting precision, and extended longevity.

Auxiliary Roller: The integrated construction of the pressure roller and frame ensures exceptional accuracy and rigidity.

Auxiliary Roller: Control panel tailored to suit the needs of the client.

Safety guard: A sliding safety guard is installed on the machine to complete the protection measures, also contributing to smooth feeding during operation.

Accurate fence and lock system: The fence, made of cast iron, moves along a round bar treated with hard-chromium, together with a lock system, ensuring precise measurement and positioning of the fence.

Anti-Kickback finger Protection: Efficient anti-kickback finger system for optimal protection.

Automatic Lubrication: Concealed lubrication system placed inside the machine frame to safeguard its longevity.

Laser (Opt.): Can be equipped with a laser unit, allowing a preview of the cutting path’s precision for long-length woodworking pieces while reducing material loss.


The manufacturing process, incorporating a specialized internal structure, enables complete control over the machine, while also offering it at extremely competitive prices in the market.


Thorough and repeated testing of the machine is conducted before it is delivered to the customer, including testing its cutters if they are provided.

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