Industrial Heavy duty Automatic Jointer Planer

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Precise processing solution for timber datum with minimum wood length of 150mm, enhancing the output. (specialized for the board gluing line)A compact and adaptable jointer for machining various thicknesses and sizes, all within a smaller footprint.Utilized for planing one side and one face of solid timber to be straight and perpendicular to each other. This machine is vital for woodworking projects as the accuracy of your pieces relies on the perpendicularity of the face edge and face side, achieved through this machine. It is operated manually by a single worker and available in multiple sizes to accommodate different workshop requirements. The jointer can also perform bevelling and chamfering with the assistance of extra jigs.

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Main technical parameter MBZ505EL
Max. working width 550mm
Working thickness 10-150mm
Max. planning once(front cutter head) 5mm
Max. planning once(back cutter head) 0.5mm
Feeding speed 0-18m/min
Cutter head speed  (front/back) 5800/6150r/min
Cutter head diameter Φ98mm
Cutter head motor 11kw
Feeding motor 3.7kw
Machine dimension 2400*1100*1450mm
Machine weight 2700kg



Sturdy cast iron work table.

Robust cast iron table.

Long, sturdy cast iron infeed and outfeed tables with precisely machined surface.

Disposable type T.C.T. spiral cutterhead

Automatic lubrication system for the infeed chain

Powered adjustment of upper mechanism

The table surface is precision ground and hard chrome plated for exceptionally smooth feeding and maximum durability

The dovetailed slideways on the table elevation ensure remarkable stability and rigidity

Specially designed control panel

Specially designed thickness adjustment for workpiece


The production, utilizing a dedicated internal structure, enables complete control over the machine and allows for its availability on the market at very competitive prices.


Machine meticulously and repeatedly tested before being delivered to the customer (including its cutters, if provided).

*Other Features

This jointer is suitable for a wide variety of woodworking projects.

Helical cutterhead with replaceable carbide inserts for an outstanding finish and quieter cutting.

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