Jointer/Surface Planer With Helical Cutter Head

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Jointer/ surface planer

The small and adaptable planer that aids in the processing of various thicknesses and sizes within a smaller area.It is employed for trimming one surface and one side of sturdy wood to be straight and perpendicular to each other. It is a crucial device for all woodworking assignments since the precision of your work relies on the perpendicularity of your frontal edge and frontal side, which are created using this machine. The machine is manually operated by a lone worker and is available in different sizes to accommodate all workshop requirements. In addition, the planer can be utilized for creating slanted edges and beveled angles with the assistance of supplementary fixtures.


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Main technical data MBZ503L MBZ504L
Max. working width 300mm 400mm
Max. working depth 5mm 5mm
Cutter& head cutting diameter Φ100 Φ100
Spindle speed 5500r/min 5500r/min
Motor power 2.2kw 3kw
Workbench dimension 330*1850mm 430*1850
Machine weight 380kg 480kg


Heavy-duty casting iron working table.
Hard chrome-plated table for maximum wear resistance.
Extra-long, heavy-duty casting iron infeeding and outfeeding tables with precision machined finish.
Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs for increased stability.

The production, using a dedicated internal structure allows a total control on the machine, in addition to its placing on the market at highly competitive prices.

Machine carefully and repeatedly tested, before delivery to the customer (even with its cutters, if made available).

Guarantee time is one year, except easy-wearing parts.
Provide the free spare part during the period apart from man-fault.

Jointers have been installed and tested before shipment. Connect the electricity and use it.

This jointer can handle a wide range of woodworking projects.
Helical cutterhead with indexable carbide inserts for a superior finish and quieter cut.

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