• Horizontal band saw

    Horizontal band saw

    Horizontal band saw Machine

    This machine is applicable to the cutting of square wood in high precision and standard specifications.

    Horizontal wood band saw cutting machine is mainly for cutting variety of square wood puzzle ,thick wood plate into thin solid wood flooring or thin wood panels.  It can cut max

  • Straight Line Single Rip Saw

    Straight Line Single Rip Saw

    Proficient solution: achieving single-piece rip cutting and trimming for wood with a thickness of less than 125mm.The saw spindle is positioned at the upper part, and the machine is furnished with chain plates and guide tracks made of special materials and processed with high precision. Additionally, it is equipped with safety devices to prevent rebound, ensuring the safety of workers. The single-blade rip saw is designed for workshops aiming to enhance efficiency in their ripping operations, but cannot justify the use of a multi-blade ripsaw. With its accurately cast iron chain and track assembly, as well as an extended pressure section, it is capable of producing a finish suitable for panel glue-up immediately after cutting.

  • Jointer/Surface Planer With Helical Cutter Head

    Jointer/Surface Planer With Helical Cutter Head

    Jointer/ surface planer

    The small and adaptable planer that aids in the processing of various thicknesses and sizes within a smaller area.It is employed for trimming one surface and one side of sturdy wood to be straight and perpendicular to each other. It is a crucial device for all woodworking assignments since the precision of your work relies on the perpendicularity of your frontal edge and frontal side, which are created using this machine. The machine is manually operated by a lone worker and is available in different sizes to accommodate all workshop requirements. In addition, the planer can be utilized for creating slanted edges and beveled angles with the assistance of supplementary fixtures.